A Special Family Night out

My husband and I had the best Christmas last year. Well, it was the best one in nearly 15 years anyway. We have four children, and they have spread out. Our youngest still lives about an hour away, but the other three live hours away. Getting together is easy enough, but it has been years since we have all been together for a happy occasion. Their Christmas gift to their father and myself was everyone arranging a week off at Christmas to come visit. Our gift was going to www.partybustoronto.limo and finding a party bus that would hold the entire gang for a fun night out on the town.

We could have taken individual cars since we were just staying local on this night out. However, I was not about to waste a moment of this family time together by having everyone in different vehicles. I didn’t care what it would cost us to get a party bus because I was bound and determined to have one. I was able to get a quote off of the website, and it was very reasonable. I was actually prepared for it to be even more than what it was, so that was a nice surprise.

We didn’t tell anyone what we were doing. They knew that their second night in was a family night though where we were going out to eat. I still smile when I think about how surprised and excited they were when the party bus pulled up in front of our house. We did go out to dinner, but we also went around town and just looked at Christmas lights, sang songs together, and talked. Boy, did we talk! Best of all, we created some really great memories that night, and I have a feeling that we are going to do our best to make sure it is not another 15 years before we do this again.